Alstone ACP

Alstone is Aluminium composite panel made out of two aluminium skins, which are pre-coated and thermally bonded to each side of non-toxic polyethylene core. Adhesion achieved by combination of chemical actions, tereby provides exceptional resistance to delamination.
  • Excellent Color Uniformity
  • Hassle free Maintenance
  • Superior Faltness
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Lightness & Rigidity
  • Reduces Construction time in last Stage

Panel Dimension

  • 1220mmx2440mm
  • Standard Sizel 1220mm x 3050mm
  • 1220mm x 3660mm
  • At. Skin Thickness:0.25mm & 0.5mm
  • Width:'1.220mm
  • Lengthr Upon request
  • Thickness: 1..5mm to 6mm

Product Tolerance

  • Width: +2mm
  • Length: +3mm [not allowed minuS error)
  • Thickness: 4mm Thick +0.2mm
  • Squareness: Max +2.0mm
  • Bow: Max 0.5%