Civil Construction & Packing Products

Quality in Protection

As the name spells, Armor functions as a tougher shell for your gadgets and fragile products. It is non-cross linked expanded polyethylene sheet of closed cell structure manufactured by Supreme Industries Ltd. - India's largest plastic processors. It provides excellent features like toughness, shock absorbency, cushioning properties to suit your various packaging needs. Armour minimizes abrasions and protects your valuable equipment from moisture and dust. Armour features a spectrum of poly ethylene sheets that are specially designed for packaging a variety of products like electronics gadgets, chin ware, handicrafts, floor tiles, medical equipment etc. Armour has wide range of ethylene sheets

Armour-XL (cross linked polyethylene sheet)

  • A tougher grade of Armour having excellent resilience, compression strength and cushioning to meet superior impact resistance. Perfect for
    packaging expensive medical/ electronic equipments and fragile, high value products.

Silair(air bubble filim)

  • Flexible cushioning material for specialized packaging of delicate and fragile products.

Armour -FF (expanded poly ethylene fabricated fitment)

  • Custom - fitting fabricated packaging for high value items manufactured in limited volumes.

Fomgard (poly ethylene foam netting)

  • Excellent for individual items packing. Can be turned into customized pouches.

Insufom (poly ethylene foam rods/ tubing)

  • Ideal for various applications. Reliable insulations material for A/Cand refrigeration syste

Armour Features

  • Durable & lightweight
  • Excellent impact, abrasion, compression & tear resistance
  • Resist moisture, fungi, bacteria, chemicals
  • Wide range of thickness, widths & colours
  • Super cushioning properties