Expansion Joints & Isolation Joints

DURA flex is a pre-molded, compressible filler board, with high performance closed-cell joint filler material available in board form, it is suitable for use as expansion joint filler in concentrate, brick, block work and isolation joints, where readily compressible, low load transfer joint filler is required.


  • Structural expansion joint in concrete brick and block work Isolation infill panels
  • Bridge decks, abutments, pier hinge joints etc.
  • As a back up support for sealant
  • Expansion joints in concrete highways, airport runways, tax tracks etc.
  • Expansion joints in parking areas, industrial flooring etc.
  • Water retaining and water excluding structures.

Features and Benefits

  • Features and Benefits
  • Closed cell
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Thermally Stable(from 40'C to 70'C)
  • Bitumen free
  • Resilient recover more than 96%
  • Easyto handle
  • Rot proof and Bacteria Resistant