Interior & Exterior Wall Putty

Alltek plasters invented and devoloped in sweeden and patented in many countries by our technical collaborators, International coating products, Sweden have been widely used under varied climatic conditions in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. we are the sole licensees in India and we have successfully completed many prestigious projects Alltek is a ready mixed product with excellent Acrylic binders, anti-cracking, antifoaming, anti-fungal, anti-rusting agents and carefully selected natural colored sieved dolomite, marble , granite, q\artz and other inert fillers. Alltek product are available in various finishes like plain, granular, textured and other designer finishes to suit various tastes of Architects, Builders and Interior Designers.


  • Alltek Coarse is backing coat with grain size of 600 microns meant to level rough surfaces.
  • It is useful on rough cement plastered walls thin joint block work where a thicker coat is needed.
  • Alltek Superfine with particle sizes upto 100 microns is for final coatwhere ultra smooth surface is necessary. Variety of textures can also be made
    by attiring material flow and pressure for the spray.
  • Alltek Superfine (W/R) ia washable superfine grade specially recommended for places like pharmaceutical Laboratories,Hospitals,
    Kitchens, Bathrooms and Restaurant where frequent washing with water and detergent is required
  • Alltek Superfine (Colours) Alltek Superfine is also available in all the six colors.
  • We also have whites in interior and exterior grades and our whites can be tinted to achieve different other colours, if so desired by the customer.
  • All the Alltek exterior grades can be used for interior also


  • Alltek whites can be tinted to any desired colour by mixing
  • universal strainers/pigments if so desired.
  • No scaffolding is required for ceiling up to three meters height.
  • No curing after application.
  • Fast spray application.
  • High quality smooth or textured finish.
  • Excellent adhesion most surfaces.
  • Resists fungal growth and rust.


  • Alltek Gold line
  • Alltek Base Coat
  • Alltek Tile Fixli>
  • Alltek Floor Fix
  • Alltek Flex
  • Alltek Flex Fine
  • Alltek Coarse
  • Alltek Fine
  • A1ltek Super Fine
  • Alltek Trendy White
  • Alltek Super Fine (W/Rl)
  • Alltek Trendy Colour
  • Alltek Top Coat
  • Alltek Dune (Finel)
  • Alltek Dune (Medium)
  • Alltek Dune [CoarseJ]
  • Alltek Dune [Extra Coarse]
  • Alltek Deco Beach
  • Alltek Deco Orient
  • Alltek Deco Bisona

The above are available in 1 kg., 5 kg. & 50 kg. packing Alltek Roof Coat White, Alltek Roof Coat Colour are available 1 kg., 4kg. & 20 kg packing.