White Cement Based Wall Putty

Quality in Finishes

Ncl Skim Coat is a White cement based wall putty, which gives very smooth white finishing for Walls/ Ceilings. It can be mixed manually or by machine at site. IT has excellent blade run and workability. It facilitates surface adhesion & smoothness, and can be sponge finished on interior surfaces.


  • Assured factory quality
  • Long durability
  • Can be used for Interior & Exterior surface
  • Easy mixing & application
  • Requires only clean water
  • Gives very smooth surface
  • Very economical


  • Apply directly on cement plastered walls.
  • Apply in two coats.
  • Use steel edged long spatulas for application.
  • Excess material drawn from the while leveling can be reused.
  • Draw the blade with material from bottom to the top ensuring no material wastage.
  • Allow surface to dry for 6-8 hrs. between coats.
  • Fill the surface pores if any and allow to dry.
  • Use 320 or more fine emery paper for standing to get maximum advantage of the product, give 3 Light water curing's twice a day for three days.